Research in this area will include the development of analytical tools for assembly system design, operations and improvement.  Current emphasis is on the development of high speed, reconfigurable assembly systems for lithium-ion battery pack manufacturing and modeling the influence of manufacturing process parameters on battery pack performance.

Current Project: Assembly System Design for Lithium-ion Battery Pack Manufacturing


  • Lithium-ion batteries are an enabling technology for electrification of automobiles.
  • Various battery types, module/pack configurations and part flexibility pose challenges in high speed assembly.
  • Inappropriate settings of assembly process parameters could result in non-optimal battery performance.
  • High-volume production of large size battery pack brings safety issue to assembly line design.


  •  To develop reconfigurable assembly systems for efficient, responsive and robust battery manufacturing
  • To investigate relationship between assembly process design and battery performance


  • Report on Benchmarking and State-of-the-art
  • Battery Assembly System Design Configurator
  • Assembly Process Modeling and Optimization
  • Quality Monitoring & Control for Robust Battery Assembly

Technical Personnel

Yhu-Tin Lin, Ph. D.
Principle Investigator

Jeffrey Abell, Ph. D.
Lab Group Manager

Hui Wang, Ph. D.
Research Fellow

S. Jack Hu, Ph.D.